Frequently Asked Questions

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How long are classes? 

Classes are between 45-60 minutes long

How does the membership work? 

When you subscribe to a monthly membership you are signing up for 4 classes- one class per week. You can choose to attend a live class time with the class schedule that is emailed to you when you sign up or you can also watch the on demand replay. You decide if you want to be charged weekly or monthly by selecting whichever choice you want.
We also have a 3 month option as well with even more savings.

When are you sent an ingredients list? 

You are sent an ingredients list at least 24 hours before class begins. Please keep in mind that this will vary depending on the live class time you choose.

Is parental guidance required? 

In class we will be using different utensils, using the stove, oven and more so we recommend to have parental guidance there just in case it is needed.

How do you choose a live class time? 

Once you join our membership you will receive an email of our live class times. With many live class times to choose from, you can also watch that week's class on demand as well. 

What if I have allergies? 

If you look on the list and see an item you cannot have simply message us at to find an easy and simple substitute